BitKong is an exciting game which is really easy to play!

You see a BOARD with rows and cells, held by hands of BITKONG.
Every row on the board is a step of the game. (Default game has 10 steps).
Every cell in the row is hiding a winning or losing result.

1. Choose game level (EASY, MEDIUM, HARD).

  • With EASY mode you have 3 cells in the row: 2 winning, 1 losing.
  • With MEDIUM mode you have 2 cells in the row: 1 winning, 1 losing.
  • With HARD mode you have 3 cells in the row: 1 winning, 2 losing. 

2. Select bet size or input custom amount.

Click “+” to increase or “-“ to decrease the bet size (1 bits set by default) or input the amount manually. If you click “MAX” you bet all bits you have on account (be careful, don't click that accidently). If you click “MIN” you set a minimum possible bet (1 bits).

3. Choose one of the cells in first row which you think is winning cell.

If a word “Cool” splashed in that cell, you see a fruit in that cell and second row starts to blink – it means you guessed it right in first row! Good job!

If you see a “poop” in the cell, it means you lost that bet. Try again!

You can continue guessing upper rows with same logic to win much more or click “TAKE” and take your winnings.


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