Hey there! Now as you know about Bitcoins, let’s find out how to get some.

You can buy directly from other people or from bitcoin exchanges.  

It’s often easier to buy from people. For that use localbitcoins.com.

LocalBitcoins is the primary site where such transactions are arranged and prices negotiated. 

Why would you buy bitcoins from other people? - It's private, quick and easy way to get bitcoins.

At Localbitcoins you can buy bitcoins for cash, via bank transfer to seller or cash deposit to seller account.

Follow simple steps to buy bitcoins from localbitcoins.com:

Step 1. Register at Localbitcoins.com

Step 2. At main page insert parameters of deal: how much you want to buy (in your currency), your country, payment method.

Step 3. Choose trader (prefer traders with high rating and big number of deals). 

Step 4. Press “Buy” to get details of deal. Check it out carefully and make sure you agree. 

Step 5. Click “Send deal request”

Step 6. Mark as “Complete”. As soon as Seller receives payment, he will send you Bitcoins.

Voila! Congrats with you first Bitcoin purchase!

(The site also provides an escrow service as an added layer of protection for both parties. It means that your money is first deposited on escrow account, until you have your deal done).

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