Before starting a new game click “VERIFY TICKET FAIRNESS”.

From “NEXT TICKET” field copy “Hash” cell data (upper case letters and figures) and save it separately.

Also copy “Client Seed” data from same field and save it separately. Or create a new 10-digit number (new “Client Seed”), consisting of “0” and “1” figures only.

After that you can start a new game (a one you plan to check), by clicking “PLAY” button.

Right after you started a new game “Hash” and “Client seed” data (that you just copied) are automatically transferred to left hand side of the screen to “PREVIOUS TICKET” field.

After you finish the game, i.e. clicked “TAKE” or lost it you need to copy data from “NUMBER” field.

Next you need to visit any website, which allows to calculate binary Sha-256. We recommend to use 

Copied data from “NUMBER” field need to be pasted into «String hash» field, «Text» cell.

(BE ATTENTIVE!). A hyphen must be put after that data you just pasted into “Text” cell. 

Right after hyphen paste data from “SERVER SEED” cell.

Click “HASH” below that field.

Find Sha-256 field below on the page and copy data from it.

Paste that into «Binary hash. Hex bytes» field.

Click “HASH” below that field.

Find Sha-256 again.

Compare the result with the data you copied in the beginning of the procedure. They must coincide.

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